Photon Energy win SPP Award for best residential array


Plymouth City Council provided the seven-acre site with a planning requirement that the homes achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions when considering ‘regulated’ energy (energy used for heating and hot water, lighting and pumps and fans). The solar PV installed is playing a significant role in helping the developer achieving these targets.

Photon Energy won the tender to install the 320 kWp of solar PV at Roborough in a competitive tender for ZeroC. Due to the location and size of the project, Wessex ECOEnergy, based in Dorset, were subcontracted to assist with the installation.

The houses, as part of the eco-friendly design, feature large asymmetric, pitched roofs that have been mounted with up to 24 solar PV modules. The larger sections of the roofs have been almost completely covered with in-roof panels, orientated in the optimal direction in for maximum energy generation.

Viridian Solar Clearline Fusion integrated modules were selected for this project as the seamless appearance of the in-roof panels was ideally suited to the modern aesthetic of the homes. In addition to their sleek appearance, the Viridian Solar PV modules benefit from being a high quality product, requiring a simple installation process. Viridian Clearline Fusion 250 Wp modules have been installed for the majority of the houses, with 270 Wp panels specified for a small number of houses, to maximise the output of the PV on limited roof areas.

Sofar Solar inverters have been installed, with a variety of different models incorporated to suit the mix of system sizes.

Rikki Baker, Project Engineer of Photon Energy said: “We were delighted to be appointed to install the sizeable solar PV systems on these genuinely zero carbon homes. It has been a welcome change to work on a development where every aspect of energy efficiency and sustainability has been considered from the outset, delivering enormous long term benefits to the residents.”

Councillor Chris Penberthy, Shadow Cabinet Member for Cooperatives and Housing for Plymouth City Council, said: “Once again this shows Plymouth is at the forefront of providing modern, energy efficient, affordable housing for local people. This unique project will be the UK’s first large scale, zero carbon community that delivers direct economic benefits with sustainable jobs.”

* photo credit Viridian Solar