Jaguar Land Rover, Fen End, Warwickshire.

Photon energy has installed a 287.82kwp solar pv array for wates at jaguar land rover’s operations centre, fen end in warwickshire.

Photon Energy won the tender from main contractor Wates to install a 287.82 kWp array at Jaguar Land Rover’s Fen End operations centre, that opened for business in 2017.

This size able array comprises over 1,000 Phonosolar 270W modules mounted to K2 Systems Speed Rails, installed across three separate areas of trapezoidal roof space, covering 1,650 square metres.

In order to maximise output from the solar PV and provide an enhanced level of safety, SolarEdge inverters were installed with a SolarEdge Firefighter Gateway linking the PV array to the fire alarm system. This additional security enables shut down at module level in the event of a fire.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Fen End site is the new base for their vehicle operations team, having previously being split over three locations. With around 300 engineers, the 200-acre former RAF Honiley airfield has become a centre for special operations with its own test track.

Jaguar Land Rover is committed to using clean energy sources and its facilities are now powered by 100% renewable energy. They are continually striving to reduce their burden on the national grid via energy efficiency initiatives and the utilisation of the clean energy generated by their solar arrays.

Jenny Palfreymen, Senior Engineer at Photon Energy said:

“We were delighted to win the contract to install this large solar array for such a prestigious company who take their environmental credentials very seriously. It’s very encouraging to know that all the electricity generated by the solar PV will be used on site to help reduce the operating centre’s carbon emissions.”



  • System size: 287.82kWp

  • Energy generation: 238,020kWh/year

  • Carbon emissions saving: 123.5 tCO₂/year. 

  • PV modules: Phonosolar 270Wp

  • Inverters: SolarEdge

  • Mounting System: K2 Systems