BskyB - West London

Photon Energy installed a 463.4 kWp PV system at BSkyB's Building 2 in Osterley, West London. It was commissioned April 2016.

The system consists of 822 SunPower 345 Wp modules and 550 SunPower 327 Wp high efficiency PV modules giving a total installed capacity of 463.4 kWp.

SolarEdge inverters and optimisers were used to maximise the energy output from the PV system as part of the array will be shaded at certain parts of the day. The PV panels were mounted on K2 Systems aluminium frames fixed to timber kerbs and plate upstands integrated into the flat roof of the building and were carefully installed to ensure long term weatherproofing.

The PV system incorporates many sophisticated features and is integrated with Building 2’s state of the art Building and Energy Management System (BEMS). The SolarEdge optimisers constantly communicate with the 20 SolarEdge inverters which are connected online via a SolarEdge communication and control gateway.

The PV system will generate 441,100 kWh/year electricity and save 230 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.  

Abu Luswata, Senior Engineer of Photon Energy, said, “Coordinating our design and works with those of the many other subcontractors on site, was a big challenge. I am proud of our excellent team spirit that made the delivery of this state of the art project a great success, exceeding the high standards set by the client.”


Equipment summary:

  • System size: 463.4 kWp

  • Energy generation: 441,100 kWh/year

  • Carbon emissions saving: 230 tCO₂/year. 

  • PV modules: SunPower 327 Wp

  • Inverters: SolarEdge

  • Mounting System: K2 Systems