broadwater farm, kent

Photon Energy installed an 84 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) array on the roof of a refrigerated apple store in Kent during the summer of 2011. The store is used to keep hundreds of tons of apples in prime condition for out of season consumption.

The PV system was installed as a single array on the roof of the 9 metre high store. The PV modules were fixed using a K2 System aluminum framework attached directly to the purlins which support the roof.  The roof covering had to be penetrated but a special type of bolt was used to achieve a completely water tight fixing.  Another challenge with the installation was that the roof structure needed additional bracing to support the weight of the PV array.  Additional braces were designed by Photon’s structural engineers and fabricated fixed under their supervision. 

The PV system was connected to the electrical supply in the store switch room and provides power for the substantial refrigeration units used in the store.  The system will generate around 67,000 kWh of electricity and save 38 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.


Equipment summary:

  • System size: 84 kWp

  • Energy generation: 67,000 kWh/year

  • Carbon emissions saving: 38 tCO₂/year. 

  • PV modules: LDK 235 Wp

  • Inverters: Fronius IGPlus150

  • Mounting System: K2 Systems Lightrail