Bickleigh down, eco-village, plymouth.

Photon energy has installed 320kwp of solar pv at bickleigh down, eco-village housing development in plymouth.

Photon Energy won the tender to install the 320 kWp of solar PV at Bickleigh Down in Roborough, Plymouth. The project began back in 2017 and has been working alongside ZeroC Holdings Ltd and Roborough Eco Homes.

Roborough Eco Homes have been designed to provide a low carbon community of 87 houses. The aim of the project was to push boundaries by setting new standards in carbon conscious living. Across the 87 properties, a total of 1252 Viridian Solar Clearline Fusion modules were installed.

The development consists of two, three, four and five bedroom homes. Each property was design specific with up to 24 solar panels per property with an average system size of 3.6kWP ranging from 2.75kWp to 6kWp. Which is an estimated annual energy generation of 360,800kWh/annum.

The houses, as part of the eco-friendly design, feature large asymmetric, pitched roofs that have been mounted with up to 24 solar PV modules. The larger sections of the roofs have been almost completely covered with in-roof panels, orientated in the optimal direction in for maximum energy generation.

Viridian Solar Clearline Fusion integrated modules were selected for this project as the seamless appearance of the in-roof panels was ideally suited to the modern aesthetic of the homes.

Sofar Solar inverters have been installed, with a variety of different models incorporated to suit the mix of system sizes.

about zeroc holdings

ZeroC Holdings limited is well known for building high-quality homes a mixed use of developments for the past 13 years. ZeroC Holdings prides themselves for being at the forefront of sustainable, low carbon design and construction. Their testament is that homes are inexpensive to live in and respect the environment.

Rikki Baker, Senior Project Engineer of Photon Energy said:

“It was a pleasure to work on a site which had been designed to integrate as much PV as possible. The roof spaces were designed to be larger on the south facing elevation to allow for the installation of more solar panels which could reap maximum rewards from the desirable orientation.”

Councillor Chris Penberthy, Shadow Cabinet Member for Cooperatives and Housing for Plymouth City Council, said:

This unique project will be the UK’s first large scale, zero carbon community that delivers direct economic benefits with sustainable jobs.”


technical summary:

  • System size: 320kWp

  • Energy generation: 360,800kWh/year

  • Carbon emissions saving: 186.7 tCO₂/year. 

  • PV modules:
    Viridian Clearline Fusion

  • Inverters: Sofar and Solis

  • Mounting System: Roof Integrated solar