EV Charging Point Installation

Photon Energy provides full tURNKEY and maintenance services for EV charging stations at any size of commercial or office premises.

Ownership of electric vehicles is growing every year and in turn the demand for efficient EV charging points in residential areas and on business premises. The technology is advancing at pace, with the development of ever more efficient batteries and the Government is also driving growth by requiring all new cars be electric from 2040.

Photon Energy provides full consultancy, installation and maintenance services for EV charging points at any size of commercial or office premises, as well as new housing developments. We can also integrate a solar PV car port with an EV charging station so clean energy can be used for recharging.

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Why invest in EV charging?

If you are a business owner, onsite EV charging stations give you the means to power your own EV fleet, in addition to providing essential facilities to staff and visitors, who will increasingly own electric vehicles.

EV charging stations are also becoming a key consideration for new builds. They are already a planning requirement in London, with the Electric Vehicle Delivery Plan stating that all new developments with five parking spaces or more must equip 20% of those spaces with electric car charging points. Other areas of the UK could soon follow suit, and as more drivers adopt the technology.

Our approved partners are newmotion and EVBox.

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